Recharge your phone without cables

Offer your customers a charger for all common phones and tablets 

Multi-Charger is an absolute must!
Forget the mess with cables and chargers. Treat yourself to the intelligent comfort of a universal 7-fold charging station!


Now new on the European market: thanks to our innovative multi-charging station from Twister, charging your mobile phone is easy - without the need for a charging cable

The problem

If you use your mobile phone frequently, you rarely have a single battery charge throughout the day. And those who travel a lot must always have a suitable charging cable with them. Almost every device needs its own charging adapter - there is not one cable and one universal plug. For mobile users sometimes is not easy task. We have the clever solution...

The solution

The new system from Twister combines six standard connection options for mobile phones in one device. The connectors are located inside the housing and can be controlled separately via a function wheel. The handling is very simple: select the right adapter, attach the mobile phone, charge - done! With the "right turn" you always have the right connection at hand.

  • Clever 7-fold universal charging station
  • No cable mess
  • Status LED for USB connection
  • Compact dimensions: 90mm wide x 106 low x 154 high
  • Including power cable, German manual 

360 ° - a round thing

Perfectly planned: with our new multi-charging station, you can simply select the appropriate connection for charging your mobile phone as needed. The new 360 ° adapter system makes it possible.

The application areas of this product novelty are diverse: Wherever people live, work, come together, are traveling. All have the possibility with Twister to charge their mobile phone without a cable.

The benefits of Twister:

• 6 different adapters to choose from

• Always the right connection at hand

• Fast charging of the mobile phone

• Additional USB port with status LED

• Integrated power supply with 1.5 meter cable and EU plug

• Stable and secure thanks to non-slip rubber element

• Space-saving dimensions, compact and small

• Optimal charging comfort with excellent device protection

Safety mechanisms to protect against overvoltage, power surges and electromagnetic interference ensure the reliable charging of smartphones, tablets and more.

The new multi-charging station from Twister - the perfect universal solution for everyone!

Just think further 

In addition, the multi-charging station is equipped with an integrated USB port. This gives the user even more flexibility. With practical LED status indicator to indicate the power supply.

The ideal advertising medium

Customized branding: Place your brand, logo or company name clearly visible on the multi-charging station. A smart solution for those who want to cleverly market their company. Because in today's world you always have the mobile phone in view.

The multi-charging station by Twister is also ideal as a giveaway. 

One for all - without cable chaos

Adapters provide the power supply of mobile phones. The multi Charging Station integrates six different connectivity options to cover 90 percent of the mobile devices on the market.

Whether slim micro adapter or wide pin plug: For charging your mobile phone with the Twister multi-charging station no extra charging cable is needed any more!

Almost all phones and smartphones can be operated with the Twister Multi-Charging Station:

• All Apple iPhone generation 4 to 10, plus Apple iPads

• All Samsung models like the Samsung Galaxy or Samsung S GH

• Other manufacturers such as Vivo, HTC, SONY and many Android phones

Power supply:

Input: 110-240V AC / 50-60Hz / 0.35A

Output: 5V DC / 2.1A

Connection: 1x US B type-C


A multi-charging station including integrated

Power supply with 1.5 meters of cable and EU plug. German instruction manual.

Certificates & Product Safety

The device and product safety is guaranteed. As a distributor we have the necessary certificates and certificates are important for trading in the EU market so that everything runs smoothly and our product can be sold. Thus, you as a customer can rely on high quality and reliability of the Multi-Twister.


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